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Welcome to! In my never ending quest to obtain self sufficiency, I built this website to share what I know about making your own goods.

Why  Well... that's how it started.  I ran across a recipe for ricotta cheese that was too easy to believe!  So I pursued the dairy side of things.  I wanted a website to compliment some of my other sites... speaking more so of where one can learn to make their own soy candles.

So you are asking, what is the big deal?  Why would I want to make this stuff myself when I can get all of these items from the grocery store?  I can answer this in three parts:

  1. Wholesomeness - Look at the ingredients on your low fat sour cream compared to the ingredients used to make it!  You will find the food products here are more natural and much better for you!
  2. Prices - A very attractive attribute in my book.  With the cost of everything on the rise, it's important to stretch your dollar further.  Making your own products is a cost effective solution!
  3. Knowledge - The more you know the better off you are... really!  I am an outdoorsman.  My ultimate goal is that if I don't know how to make it, I don't need it. 

As I experiment more, you will find more recipes and guides here.  I am going to keep it pretty simple.  In other words if it is too difficult, I will not post it here.  I like the K.I.S.S. theory... Keep It Simple Stoopid!!  :)

Anyway, dive into the links to the left and I hope you learn, save money, and make naturally health goods!